Military Custom Vehicles

The KNIGHT-XV is an armoured vehicle and not a vehicle that has been uparmoured. This means that unlike most vehicles that are uparmoured after-market, the KNIGHT XV is manufactured as an armoured vehicle from the ground up using top-grade armouring materials.

Military Weapons & Gears

PGR, is committed to serving the u.s. government warfighter and first responders by providing high quality safe and innovative products. We offer an ideal homeland security & other organizations serving our country with businesses dedicated to provide cutting edge services.

Provide & deliver jet fuel

We provide reliable supply, high product quality and strive for excellent costumer service - we deliver on promise.

PGR footprintS

PGR has footprint in these countrys and continues to expand its global footprint with cutting-edge technologies, innovative engineering solutions and the delivery of unmatched support services.

United States
Saudia Arabia

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